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Commercial Locksmith Services

911 Lock and Keys has a team of experienced and certified commercial locksmith service experts. Our locksmiths can help you to get the most out of protecting your property, no matter what sort of company you have.

To cater to all your business needs, we have all it takes. There is so much more a commercial locksmith can do than fix or replace locks. We supply and install a wide range of commercial items, including master key suites, access control systems, key entry, cabinet locks, security grilles for safeguarding goods and equipment, and keyless entry. We also sell a broad range of Grade 1 commercial locks or heavy-duty Schlage commercial locks.


Types of Commercial Locks

The team at 911 Lock and Keys comprises of professionals in commercial security systems and related commercial locksmith services from our own locksmiths. Throughout their career, they have experienced and solved many commercial security mistakes and issues successfully, including (but not limited to):

For a 24-hour commercial locksmith service or a free security assessment of your office, contact us. We’ll be able to provide you with a tip and a detailed quote right after a short conversation. Find out more about our affordable and quality commercial locksmith services.

To help you enter your property and deal with all forms of locking problems, our service is accessible 24 hours around the clock. We will send a locksmith to your doorstep as soon as possible in the event of a lockout situation.



Commercial Door Lock Repair and Installation

We have a solution for you, whether you are a big corporate office, a real estate firm or a retail store searching for the best way to protect your premises and to monitor who has access and when. Today, contact us and tell us your safety questions. We’re here to assist.

911 Lock and Keys known as to provide  friendly, and reliable locksmith services. Our commercial locksmith services are competitively affordable and free quotes are offered.

We strive to be available wherever and whenever a locksmith is required by your company. We also provide facilities for residential and car locksmiths. We also offer emergency locksmith services in your area on a single call.


Commercial Lock and Key Services

Give us a call if you don’t see what you need here. No work is too big, too small, too easy or too complicated—we are always here, at your disposal.

  • Commercial lockout services: Sensitive, friendly, simple, cheerful and inexpensive business lockout and office lockout services designed to bring you back to business.
  • Business door safety: We include door opening, door repair, rekey and key modification, and we also install new office lockset and keys.
  • key duplication plus new keys. Quick, efficient and accurate made for existing locks and deadbolts.
  • Our team provides best bazzer systems, master key systems and high-security locks to keep your company safe and protected, .
  • Commercial secure implementation for the very best security on site.
  • Safety gates, mailboxes, fences and window locks, specially built.
  • Fingerprint door lock for office fitting and lock improvements to optimize the premises’ security
  • Expert attention to master suites, registered key systems and entry systems for doors.
  • Knowledgeable fitting and maintenance on access control devices, dead locks and locks of digital code.
  • Burglary fixes, getting stuff right so you can get back to normal.
  • Advice, fitting and fixing of all forms of commercial safety systems


Commercial Door Lock Replacement

In order to stand out in a competitive industry without regulation, we are passionate about commercial protection and have invested heavily in delivering the best possible commercial locksmith service. We have a lot to give and our goal is to have outstanding value for money and high customer satisfaction levels.

Our USP is our value for money as independent locksmiths. At highly competitive costs, we include goods and workmanship of exceptionally high quality. By keeping overheads to a minimum, we keep costs down and we pass these savings to our customers.

  • No pricey retail premises (we are based in an industrial unit)
  • No lavish publicity campaigns (we rely on word of mouth)

As a result of our expertise and understanding of the sector, our clients benefit from excellent pricing and high standards of service.


Office and Wooden Desk Drawer Locks Repair

Higher levels of attention and technical experience, as well as a fully dedicated range of materials and consumables, are expected by commercial clients. Our team at 911 Lock and Keys has a remarkable track record of successful ventures and interventions in commercial locked desk drawer/ wooden desk drawer locks or other office locksmith services.

The success of our clients has helped us strengthen a leading role in the market for local locksmith services providers. The experience of 911 Lock and Keys encompasses both conventional and state-of-the-art security systems, which means you can fully trust us to manage your project with the highest degree of quality.

Our services are provided with record response time, our experts provide every intervention with total dedication and reliability, and all our rates are fairly matched with the quality and longevity of our expert services.


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